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The new bound between Africa and Japan
|Meeting with Mamadou chan

@Diallo Mamadou iFrench teacher,@Guineaj

| When did you come to Japan?
M: I came here in 2016.

| Why did you choose Japan in many countries?
M: To tell the truth, I have been to European countries including Switzerland.

| How was Swiss people?
M: They are very sweet.

| Then why did you choose Japan?
M: I was interested in new things and different cultures.
There are many western people in Africa.
But there are few Japanese people and many Chinese people.
I like different things and I came to Japan.


| How did you feel in Japan when you came here?  What did you think of Japanese people?
M: I thought Japanese people work hard and are organized. I like Japanese people.
I like Japanese culture which mixes traditional and modern.

| How about Japanese people privately?
M: I really wanted to have Japanese friends but it is not easy to make friends because I donft speak Japanese well.

|I think so. Speaking of Mr. Bar, he is a Guinean like you, he said he had many Japanese friends here.
M: I know it, but Mr. Bar has been staying here for many years.
He is good at Japanese language.

|That is the reason. So you should also master it.
M: I know.

|Did you have any bad experiences about Japanese people?
M: I often had bad experiences on the trains. Many Japanese passengers changed their seat after I sat on the next seat. One day, a lady suddenly held her bag tightly when she saw me in the elevator like I would stole her bag.

| Very bad. Ifm sorry.
M: I understand it now. I think Japanese people havenft gotten used to African people like me. They are afraid of me. But they will get used to African people after Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

| I hope so. Thank you. By the way, what was your best experience in Japan?
M: One is a travel to Kyoto. Kyoto is a very nice place. There are many traditional buildings such as temples and shrines.

| Do you have traditional things in your countries too?
M: Yes, but our country is already covered by western culture. Many things look like western items. So Ifm very impressed to keep traditional things and learn Japanese culture.

| So what will you do after learning much about Japan?
M: I will be back to Guinea and start a project about education.

| Education?
M: I think Japanese education is very nice.

| How about your countriesf education?
M: There are so many people who cannot read in my country.

| What percent children go to elementary school?
M: Ifm not sure, but about 60%.

|How about high schools and colleges?
M: Itfs 60% until junior high school, 40% in high school. College and university is 20%.
I knew many things about education after coming to Japan. Many children go to school alone. They are very independent.

| I know many foreigners say so.
M: I want to establish a language school at first, then I will open another school where students can learn some skills such as carpenter, electrical worker, mechanic and so on. I think students can get a good job easily. I want people to get good jobs and nicer lives.

| what a wonderful plan you have!!
M: I want Japan to invest in our country.

| I see. Will you please tell me the difference between your country and Japan?
M: As many foreigners say, Japan is very clean but our country is not. There are many trash on the streets.

| How about public transportation? Are taxi also dirty?
M: Taxies and trains are okay but buses are very bad. Only one train runs there.

| Are there many differences between Guinea women and Japanese ones?
M: I think Guinean are more obedient than Japanese. One of the reasons is the rule which men can have three wives. Japanese women never allow it.

| How about your wife? What attracted you to her?
M: We met in an African festival. My friend and her friend married and they introduced us. She was interested in African culture very much. We loved each other soon. She is very smart and kind.

| I think she will help much when you start your business. Did her parents accept you at first?
M: Her father was okay from the first time we met. But her mother refused me at first. But now she also say okay even though I donft know her true thoughts. My wife will deliver our baby soon.

| congratulations.
M: Ifm very happy she became a Muslim recently.

| Itfs nice for you. I know Muslims should marry only Muslims.
M: She said she would buy Hijabs. She found them on Uniqlo web site.

| really? Ifm very surprised to hear that.
M: See this on the site.

| Thatfs true. Itfs a stylish Hijaba.
M: We will go to Guinea embassy next week to resister our marriage then go to Gunma government office. Then, we will have a wedding party at home soon. I will invite you.

| Thank very much. Ifll come. Thank you for the interview today.